It’s a tedious task to clear a clogged drain on your own, so the best solution is to always leave the job to a certified expert. But how do they go about unclogging drains? Well, there are typically several methods we use to safely and efficiently address the issue, and AZ Water, Drain & Sewer is here to share some of them:

Water Jetting

Pressurized water blasts away obstructions, and this can be used on residential and commercial drains without damaging the pipe’s interior walls. It’s non-invasive, cost-effective, and can quickly remove stubborn blockages like tree roots, grease, and sludge.


This older method involves inserting a flexible cable, or snake, into the drainpipe to remove any clogs in the line. The snake has a small cutting blade on its end that rotates, which effectively dislodges the blockage. However, drain snaking is not a good choice for pipes with bends or corners since the tool can get stuck and create more of a problem.


Yes, even professionals still use this old-fashioned technique. Using a plunger to apply pressure to the clogged area can break up the debris and push it through. However, plunging is not as effective on longer pipes or deep clog due to its limited reach.

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