The hard water of Scottsdale, AZ makes water softeners essential for most households. At AZ Water, Drain & Sewer, our Scottsdale plumbing team has been treating your water and making it safe for use for more than 25 years. We have a lot of experience in knowing the specific plumbing and water needs according to the area you live in. Hard water can have a multitude of adverse health effects for its users. Secondly, it can cause damage to your pipes by leading to limescale buildup over time. This is where water softener systems come in.

Water softeners help you avoid these as well as many other problems. A high-quality water softener system like the ones installed by AZ Water, Drain & Sewer will remove hard minerals and salts from your water. This increases the longevity of your appliances, which can be damaged by hard water. Furthermore, this makes the water easier on your skin as well as your plumbing. Our team of highly qualified professionals is trained to care for your water softener needs and answer all your queries about the process.