If you think it’s time for a professional drain cleaning, AZ Water, Drain & Sewer is here to serve you in Chandler, AZ. Drain cleaning sometimes seems like a job you can do by yourself, but there are signs that an expert touch is needed. If the water stands in your showers and sinks and takes too long to go down the drain, your pipes are probably in need of help. It is recommended that you get your drains cleaned when you see slow drainage, so that a full clog can be avoided. In case of stubborn drainage issues, rooter service may be required.

The term rooter service used to mean eradication of roots that have overgrown into drainage lines and are blocking them. Now, eradicating any clogs in your sewers or drainage lines is referred to as rooter service. At AZ Water, Drain & Sewer, our experienced plumbers will quickly and efficiently take care of any problems in your drainage system so that your health and comfort is never compromised.