Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love your business, but we also want you to buy with confidence. Read through some of these, but please call if you’re still not sure.

Check your garage. If you have copper pipes coming out of your wall, you have a loop.

You are more than happy to find your own system, but we only install our units. You can’t buy what we offer from a shelf and there’s good reason for that. With our prices comes AMAZING quality.

A softener requires the addition of salt every few months, a conditioner doesn’t. A softener will make the water feel smooth on your skin, a conditioner won’t. Both are going to help make your pipes and fixtures last longer but in different ways. General Rule: Old house and copper water lines, go with a conditioner. New house, new water lines, or PEX pipe, go with a softener.

Absolutely. Both units have carbon filters built-in, which will remove chlorine (the stuff you DON’T want to drink). However, please consult your physician if you have any concerns or dietary restrictions.

You pay when the installation is complete. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and check.

We stand behind our price, however, we often run specials through Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram, keep an eye out!
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