Whether you’re constructing a new home and need gas lines installed or in need of gas line repair or maintenance services at your current home, the experts at AZ Water, Drain & Sewer can help. Our fully licensed and insured technicians have the skills and know-how to meet all your needs. We have been providing professional gas line services in Gilbert, AZ, for over 15 years. Over the years, our commitment to world-class and customer-oriented service has been the key to our success, and when you hire us, you can count on our team to deliver nothing but the best.

Common Issues That Affect Gas Lines

Over time, gas lines can develop problems that can reduce their effectiveness, impact your comfort, and present a danger to your loved ones. Knowing how your gas lines operate and the different issues that can affect their operation can help you identify a gas line issue that may need immediate service from an experienced plumber in Gilbert, AZ. Here are a few gas line issues:

Leaks – These can develop over time due to the deterioration of connections and other parts. Additionally, your gas pipes can get punctured or damaged by heavy equipment, severe weather, or a direct impact on the line, resulting in leaks.

Clogs and valve problems – Gas lines can become clogged when dust and other debris accumulate in the gas line’s access point. This buildup prevents your valves from operating as they should, restricting gas flow to the appliances.

Copper gas piping – Over time, copper forms sulfites that create stoppages in your gas line. Keep in mind that copper is a good energy conductor, and this characteristic makes copper gas lines more dangerous than other types of gas lines.