Eventually, you’re likely to need sewer repair in Tempe, AZ. All things break down with time, and your sewer line is no exception. With your sewer line, however, you want to catch the problem as soon as possible, so you can minimize the amount of damage that the surrounding area sustains. In some severe situations, contaminated sewage can back up into the home. You’ll need to hire a professional cleaning team to get rid of the contamination, as it can lead to very adverse health effects.

There are many different causes behind why you may need a sewer line replacement or trenchless sewer repair in Tempe. Some of the most common reasons include tree root intrusions, corroded pipes, obstructions due to foreign objects or even debris, environmental or temporal causes and just regular wear and tear. Depending on the extent of the damage and the cause, our team can recommend different solutions for you. We’ll walk you through each solution, so you have a good idea of what it can offer and what it’s pros and cons are.