Your sewer line keeps your home sanitary and functioning properly. But while they are built to last, sewer lines don’t stay in perfect condition forever. When the best course of sewer repair in Phoenix, AZ is a full replacement, preparing your home to handle the work is an important step.

Here are a few pointers from our experts at AZ Water, Drain & Sewer.

Clear the Area

Before the sewer line replacement can begin, the space outside your home needs to be cleared of any obstructions. Move furniture, toys, and plants out of the way so the contractor can access and work on the line.

Survey the Landscape

Take note of anything that could be damaged by any excavation that needs to be done during the sewer pipe line repair. This includes decks, driveways, walkways, trees, and other landscape features.

Indoor Preparations

You should expect some noise, dirt, and dust to make their way inside your home while the technicians replace sewer line pipes. Before the crews arrive, protect furniture and other items with plastic sheeting. Additionally, you should check any air vents or windows to ensure they are properly sealed to keep outside debris out.

Expect the Water To Be Turned Off

The water supply to your home may need to be shut off while the replacement is taking place. Before the work begins, stock up on drinking water and fill up any necessary containers for washing, bathing, and cleaning.

Have a Backup Plan

If sewer line replacement takes several days, consider making alternate arrangements for your family in the interim. This could be staying with friends or relatives or booking a hotel room.

AZ Water, Drain & Sewer provides the sewer repair services that you need to keep your home safe and functioning. Our experienced professionals will work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly and that your home is left in the best condition possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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