There are many reasons why you might need sewer repair in Mesa, AZ. Common causes include tree root intrusions, corrosion, damaged pipes from environmental and temporal causes and clogged pipes caused by foreign objects and debris. In addition to repairing the problem, we also recommend taking preventative steps that ensure that the problem will never happen again. For example, if you are dealing with clogged sewer lines regularly, it might be worthwhile to install some type of drain catcher. If you are regularly dealing with tree root intrusions, you should consider removing trees and shrubs that are near the sewer line, as these roots will quickly grow towards the sewer line even if you cut part of them off.

Depending on the severity of the situation and what caused it, you have many different options to choose from. One of the most popular techniques is known as trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless sewer repair in Mesa is becoming increasingly popular because it is less expensive than traditional means. It’s also a non-invasive technique that will not end up ruining your yard or driveway. Instead of digging up the sewer line, a new sewer line will be threaded into the existing one. The entire process is simple, quick and only involves digging two fairly small holes. In comparison to traditional repair solutions, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.